Tuesday, December 5, 2017


It's Christmas time. Juliette, her brother Martin, and their parents leave Paris to go visit relatives in California. 

This book is aimed at intermediate students to help you deepen your knowledge of French. The sentences are simple, using everyday vocabulary. Each chapter is accompanied by a list of the harder words and expressions to help you understand the text without the use of a dictionary. The complete English translation is included, so that you can double-check your understanding.

This short story is written in past tense, helping you practice the passé composé, the imparfait, and the plus-que-parfait in an easy way. You will also practice future, conditional and subjunctive forms, as well as the relative pronouns that link complex sentences. 

A sample and the complete text with glossary and English translation are available at https://www.exerciseyourfrench.com/books.

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